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Frequently Asked Questions


“I want to start gardening, is there a Community Garden in my neighborhood?”

We are delighted that you are interested in planting a plot in your community!   Here are some steps to take on this site:

(1) Find a community garden close using the map on the home page.

Use the “+” to expand it
Use the “hand” to move around the map find your neighborhood on the map.

(2) Click on a “pin” that interests you. It opens a web page containing specific garden information.

(3) Use the email or phone number to contact the garden manager regarding garden plot availability.

NOTE: Many gardens have waiting list that could be up to a year wait.



“How do I start a new Community Garden?”

We’re delighted that you’d like to start a new Community Garden in your neighborhood! We wish you many hours of pleasurable gardening, lots of healthy eating, and many new friends in your neighborhood!

Here are some recommended resources:

1. Download, print and read the helpful step-by-step “Community Garden Start Up Guide”  from UCCE (the University of California Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.)


2.  The Garden Council can also provide assistance. Please contact us at or 323-942-9676 to discuss your plans further.

Please answer the questions below in preparation for a discussion about how the Garden Council can help you:

1. Have you identified land for the new garden? If so, do you know who owns the land and if they are willing to lease it? Do you know what the land was used for previously?
2. What type of community garden are you envisioning: traditional garden with family plots, educational garden or urban farm?
3. How much community support do you have for the garden?
4. Is there a local group/individual that will lead your community garden organization?
5. Do you plan to manage the garden’s finances or would you like the Los Angeles Community Garden Council to help you with this?
6. Do you have funds available to cover any of the setup expenses and water bills?


“How do I….?”

The Los Angeles Community Garden Council focuses on community organizing, managing the non-profit business side of community gardens, and creating new community gardens.

While we are avid gardeners, we recommend that you contact the Master Gardener Helpline to connect with an expert who can answer your specific gardening questions.  They will also visit your garden as needed to offer advice.

Master Gardener Helpline:
Phone:  (626) 586-1988



“I would like to volunteer at a garden, where can I find out about opportunities?”

The Garden Council often has volunteer opportunities available in our gardens or can use help with communications or database work in our offices.  We hold volunteer days in our gardens, as well.

What type of work are you looking for, and have you identified a garden or community where you’d like to volunteer?

Email us at or call 323-942-9676 to find out about the latest opportunities.