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Meet Annet Sasser


Annet Sasser, No Ho Community Gardener

As a child, Annet Sasser learned to garden from an aunt in San Francisco who taught her all the domestic arts to keep her out of mischief!  For thirty years, Annet lived in Georgia and grew many varieties of fruits and vegetables at her home.  When she returned to California, she missed having a yard and one of her daughters suggested that she join a community garden.

Just over two years ago, Annet obtained a lot at the North Hollywood Community Garden and re-learned gardening for the Southern California climate.  She enjoys taking the free Saturday classes at the Green Arrrow Nursery in North Hills.  Her beautiful plot is lined with bricks and filled with tomatoes, acorn squash, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, and a little remaining kale and Swiss chard.  She grows everything from seed and says that the garden helps reduce her grocery bill by $15 or $20 per week.  Her adult daughters are not yet gardeners but they enjoy sharing her harvests and one of them sponsors Annet’s annual trip to Tomatomania.

Annet lives less than a mile from the garden and, after the busy planting season is over, she often visits the peaceful garden just to sit and relax or have lunch there with friends.

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