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Meet Jose of Project Youth Green

A resident of Pacoima, Jose Landeros has been a member of the Project Youth Green Community Garden since 2008. He is active on the garden’s leadership team; he manages the assignment of plots to new gardeners, offers help and advice on getting started, and oversees the crops in the large communal gardening space. His favorite vegetables to grow are beets, cilantro, and onions, which he grows in his individual plot.

Gardening has helped Jose’s well-being and resulted in close friendships. Starting out, he had no experience gardening. He kept a journal of what he planted and learned through experience. He progressively built up his skills and peace of mind. No longer the “seedling” he was when he started, today Jose says that it makes him happy to bring fresh produce home to his family. He is grateful that his family sees the close connection to what they eat. He loves to make them dishes such as boiled beets, chopped beet green salad, and salsa. Gardening is rewarding for him. He says his fellow gardeners are his best friends, and when he is at the garden he is doing what he loves.

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