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Meet Makadu LaBeet from Vermont Square Community Garden c

Meet Makadu LaBeet from Vermont Square Community Garden c
Makadu LaBeet has been part of the Vermont Square Community Garden since the garden opened in 1992. He met Ms. Johnson, one of the garden founders, while he was participating in a rehabilitation program nearby. Makadu is originally from the Virgin Islands and appreciates the garden because it allows him to grow the vegetables that he grew up with there.  As a vegetarian, this is particularly important to him. He describes himself as Rastafarian and believes in the power of…

Meet Villa Parke Community Garden

    The Villa-Parke Community Center in northwest Pasadena was doing great things for its clientele, with playgroups for kids, recreational activities for seniors, and help for people navigating public services. But there was one area where director Rozanne Adanto really saw her folks falling behind: their diets. “It’s a borderline food desert,” she says of the ethnically diverse, low-income neighborhood. “There are markets in the area, but if you don’t have a car, fresh, healthy, affordable food isn’t easy…